New to piracy? Well, soon we'll have some nice documentation for you to read. For now you can ask erh directly.

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Cartoony DENiAL P

irate! is a new kind of JavaScript Library for a new kind of JavaScript Developer. We don't hold anything back and we don't hold your hand. If you are looking for a Library that holds your hand and keeps you from making any sort of mistake, you're in the wrong place. pirate! will give you enough rope to hang yourself with, if you'll let it, so you really need to watch your footing and make a decision on what it is that you are hoping pirate! will do for you.

pirate! needs developers!

Danger! Pirates Ahead!

Pirates are scary and best left alone.

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate's life for me! erh on August 2st, 2006
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